Some tips for choosing your wedding suit
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Some tips for choosing your wedding suit


Even if we often tend to pay too much attention to the bride, her outfit, her hairstyle, the man also has to pay enough attention to his look on the big day. The groom’s suit is therefore just as important as that. of the wedding dress. But just like with the bride, it’s not always easy for the groom to choose his outfit for the big day. Ideal cut, morphology, colors… here are our tips for choosing the right wedding suit.

Your costume must be your size

The first thing to keep in mind before going for the fittings to choose your tailor-made suit for a wedding is what it should highlight your figure. This is why it must be your exact size. For this, it is recommended to pay attention to the following elements:

the shirt: you should opt for a long-sleeved shirt that will protrude from ½ to 1 cm beyond the jacket so that the cufflinks are visible. You should also be careful that there is a balance between the collar and the sleeves.
the waistcoat: it is not compulsory, but know that it has the advantage of raising the whole outfit. If you decide to put it on, you need to ensure that it is arched.

the jacket: it must not be too long and the shoulders must line up exactly with the seams. Indeed, it is the element of the outfit that structures your body well. Add to this that the sides of the jacket must fall to the level of the palms of your hands. Your jacket should also be able to close without pulling too much on the sides. Finally, be careful that no folds appear on the back.

the length of the pants: the secret here is that the perfect pants are one with a hem that falls in a single fold over the shoe you are going to wear.

The right choice of colors

First of all, a simple rule that you should know before planning your wedding : in an outfit, it is not tolerable to exceed 3 colors. Then, to make the right choice of colors, it is advisable to make sure that your outfit matches that of the bride. It will also take into account the spirit of the wedding, the place of reception, the atmosphere and of course your tastes.

If the bride has decided to wear white for example, on your side it will be a rather clear outfit. An indigo blue or light gray suit, for example, will be perfect for beautiful wedding photos. Likewise, if the bride’s outfit is rather dark, then you will have to turn to softer tones. Beige or ivory, for example, are suitable choices.

Regarding the patterns, you will have to be careful to match those of your shirt with the tie or bow tie. However, the pattern on the shirt must not be found on the accessory.

What about the materials?

As you already know, you might end up spending quite a bit of time in your outfit on D-Day . For this, we advise you to favor outfits made of light and breathable materials.

We can cite for example linen which is very light; ideal for a wedding in summer. In winter or autumn, on the other hand, we prefer materials such as flannel and cashmere. Wool is also a fairly flexible and breathable material. For example, you can ask your designer to mix it with noble materials such as silk to obtain a result with brilliant colors.

With cotton on the other hand, you will have to be quite careful. Indeed, it is a material which tends to crumple easily.

Ultimately, the success of the event also depends on the choice of your groom outfit. You have to make sure you meet certain criteria so that everything is perfect on the big day. But remember, the most important thing is to feel yourself.

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