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How do you know which ring fits the shape of your fingers?


As you choose your clothes according to your body type, some rings will go better on some hands. It is this subject that I would like to develop with you today.

My first advice is also the easiest to follow: choose a ring that is perfectly in your size. If necessary, have it enlarged or shrunk by a professional. Finally, note that some rings are not suitable for size, such as pavé rings.

First misconception : It is often thought that large rings are better suited to long fingers. Well that’s a mistake …

The perfect example is the large model Seijna Orient Express ring: it hugs and lengthens the finger, while revealing the skin under its diamond lace.

Second misconception : Rings are worn on the index finger, middle finger or ring finger.

The wedding ring and engagement ring are traditionally worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

For the rest, feel free! Invent litters that look like you! Follow fashion and trends. Today, it is very easy to wear thumb rings or small fingers, they bring the little rock twist we all want.

The Dangerous Kiss ring in black rhodium-plated gold and black diamonds thus wraps perfectly around the little finger, like the signet ring of a young woman of today.

Thin fingers or thicker fingers; which ring to choose?

Sometimes the difference between the ring which will or not go to a certain type of fingers is subtle. Take the example of two imposing Seijna rings:

Florentine will be more suitable for thin fingers, as it has a flat profile. On a more fleshy finger, we risk the compressed skin effect which is not the most flattering.

The Montefiore will adapt easily to fleshy fingers thanks to its slightly rounded profile.

These two rings have the same “surface” and yet one is better suited to thin fingers, the other fits all fingers.

As with all rings, but even more so for those intended for plump fingers, choosing the right size is essential. Like the too tight strap of a pump, a too narrow ring will not be the best effect and between two sizes, we will rather choose the larger than the smaller.

Short fingers or long fingers, which type of ring will suit you best?

As the vertical stripes of a garment refine the silhouette, the rings that accompany the finger along its length are flattering for short fingers:

The Pearl me up – Snake ring is the perfect illustration of this. Its snake pattern stretched over the phalanx and its open ring do not enclose the finger and give it a tapered side.

In general, to lengthen the finger, choose models of rings whose pattern is parallel and not perpendicular to the finger.

If you opt for a bespoke engagement ring, I would recommend a marquise or pear cut. These diamonds, which end in a point, also lengthen the finger when they are set lengthwise.

Finally, I would give you two last tips to choose the ideal ring according to the shape of your fingers:

The first is quite simple: if once on your finger you like a ring, forget all the previous recommendations and buy it. Nothing validates a jewel better than your own crush.

The second is just as important: if you have questions, if you have any doubts when making a purchase, talk to the professional in front of you. He will be able to guide you. In any case, that’s what I do for Seijna’s clients.

See you soon for new adventures.

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