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11 Summer Jewelry Trends


Summer is the perfect time to introduce something new and exciting in your jewelry box. Check out these everyday jewelry trends for summer 2024 and get inspired by a range of bold, playful and style-elevating designs.

1. Layered Necklaces and Bracelets

Mix and match to your heart’s content with layered necklaces and bracelets — a trend that’s all about personal expression. Combine various lengths, textures and colors to create a look that captures your unique persona. Whether you lean towards minimal elegance or eclectic boldness, this style is a fun and versatile way to play up a simple outfit or add an extra pop to your summer party attire.

2. Chunky Jewelry

Big, chunky jewelry is having a moment, and it’s easy to see why. Statement pieces like oversized rings, thick bangles and pendant necklaces command attention. They can transform an outfit from something simple into a bolder and spicier look. These hefty accessories can be styled solo or paired with more delicate items. Either way, they’ll anchor any ensemble, adding depth and a focal point that draws the eye.

3. Pearls with a Twist

This summer, pearls are getting a slightly mischievous makeover. No longer just for classic looks, pearls are appearing in unexpected colors and irregular shapes that look great combined with other trendy materials like chunky chains and colorful beads. This bold approach allows you to mix tradition with trend, perfect for adding a splash of fun to any outfit — from daytime picnics to evening get-togethers. Embrace this modern twist on a timeless accessory to bring a fresh but classy aura to your summer wardrobe.your summer wardrobe.



1. Anklets

Anklets have reemerged as a favorite accessory for sunny days and balmy nights. These delicate pieces circle the ankle, drawing attention to the feet and complementing both sandals and barefoot looks. Their frisky vibe brings a bohemian charm and whimsy that fits just right with summertime outfits like floral dresses or casual shorts. Plus, anklets come in a variety of materials — from sleek metals to colorful beads — which create a wide range of looks for you to work with.

2. Handmade Artisanal Pieces

Handcrafted artisanal jewelry holds a charm that’s all too often lacking in mass-produced items. Each piece tells a story, making it not just an accessory but a conversation piece and a personal treasure. Whether it’s a finely woven bracelet or a delicately hammered pendant, artisanal jewelry connects wearers with traditional craftsmanship and the individual artist’s vision. By opting for a unique artisanal piece, you’re not only giving your style an edge — you’re supporting the art and skill of independent artisans worldwide.

3. Vibrant Enamel

Brightly colored enamel is making colorful waves in the jewelry world, whether it’s on big bracelets, sleek rings or eye-catching earrings. This trend brings a pop of vibrancy to any ensemble, perfect for summer festivities or just brightening up an everyday outfit. The durability of enamel also ensures these pieces can stand up to the heat and activity of the season, making them both a stylish and practical choice.

4. Asymmetrical Designs

Lopsided lengths, mismatched earrings, pendants with irregular shapes: It’s all part of the recent wave of asymmetrical jewelry that’s all over the fashion world this summer. This trend invites an artistic flair to your wardrobe with intriguing pieces that allow anyone to show off the individual spark that animates their style. It’s a playful yet sophisticated way to add visual interest and a touch of unpredictability to your outfits, so it’s perfect for anyone who’s looking to stand out in the crowd.

5. Body Chains

Body chains are making a bold return this summer, adding an alluring touch to swimwear, crop tops and lightweight dresses. These intricate accessories drape elegantly across the torso or hips, creating a unique focal point that enhances the simplest (or skimpiest) of outfits. They’re available in various styles — from delicately understated designs to more elaborate statement pieces — making them a versatile way to accessorize for both beach days and summer nights out.

6. Nature Motifs

Embrace the serene and vibrant nature of the outdoors with jewelry featuring nature motifs. Leaf-shaped earrings, floral pendants and insect-inspired brooches infuse a refreshing and earthy vibe into any look. These pieces make excellent conversation starters and add an artistic flair, seamlessly blending form and function to elevate everyday style and special occasions alike. If you want to go full boho chic, pair them with flowing maxi dresses, layered fabrics and earth-toned accessories for a harmonious, nature-inspired ensemble.

7. Choker Necklaces

Choker necklaces have made a remarkable comeback, offering styles that range from understated elegance to bold statement pieces. They also come in a wider array of styles than ever before. Delicate chokers may feature subtle charms or thin bands that are perfect for a minimalist aesthetic, while bolder designs come adorned with beads, layers of chains or large, eye-catching gemstones. Like many other classic Y2K looks that have seen a resurgence, this new breed of chokers invites you to experiment and redefine your style statement this season.


1. Silicone Jewelry

Silicone jewelry is a clever combo of function and fashion that’s gaining popularity among people with busy, active lifestyles. Known for its soft, flexible material, silicone is also hypoallergenic, waterproof and comes in many bright colors and designs. Silicone rings are an especially popular and appealing choice for minimal jewelry that still pops with color and energy. What’s more, a silicone ring can also work well as a travel ring stand-in for a wedding band, engagement ring or promise ring that you want to keep safe while you’re out on a summer adventure.

We’ve covered an exciting array of options here, with a wealth of jewelry pieces that combine style with practicality and tradition with innovation. Now it’s up to you to take the inspiration and run with it. So hit the jeweler, boutique or even a thrift store or estate sale and find something with the flair you’re looking for!

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