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How to Style Men’s Tank Tops like a Pro


Getting men’s tank tops by Sullen Clothing at real stores and online is possible. Choose the kind of tank top that you want to buy. There are many tank top types, including sporty, ribbed, graphic, and more. Choose if you want something simple or decorated.

A professional’s approach to styling men’s tank tops considers many elements, including fit, occasion, and personal style. The following advice can help you improve your tank top game:

Choose the right fit

Fit, occasion, and personal style are just a few of the elements that professional men’s tank top stylists consider. A well-groomed and fashionable appearance can be attained by selecting a men’s tank top that fits properly. Your body should be able to fit the tank top snugly without feeling restricted. Without being overly tight, it should gently hug the curves of your body.

Verify that the back and sides are not overly gathered with extra fabric. An excessive amount of fabric may give off a messy vibe.

Consider fabric and color

Select premium textiles that are comfortable and long-lasting. Because it is soft and breathable, cotton is a common material for tank tops. For more flexibility and form retention, look for polyester or elastin blends.

Feel free to mix things up in your wardrobe by including tank tops with striking patterns or colors. For a more striking effect, try playing with bright colors like red, blue, or green and patterns like stripes or geometric shapes.


Layering gives your clothes depth and variety, making it a crucial fashion approach for men’s tank tops. Wear a lightweight jacket with your tank top for a laid-back yet fashionable style. Utility jackets, bomber jackets, and denim jackets are great options. Show off the tank top underneath the jacket by leaving the buttons undone or only partially zipped.

Wear your tank top underneath a button-down or casual shirt for a carefree, layered style. Undo the buttons on top to show off the tank top underneath. That pairs especially nicely with linen button-downs, chambray, and flannel shirts for a beachy look.

An overshirt can give your tank top ensemble a rustic charm. Examples of such overshirts are lightweight flannel and shirt jackets with military influences. Please put it on your tank top unbuttoned for a carefree, relaxed vibe.

Wear a vest over your tank top for a more put-together and structured look. A tailored or denim vest can enhance your ensemble and create visual intrigue for semi-formal or casual occasions. Put a blazer on your tank top to dress it up for more formal settings. Team a slim-fit jacket with fitted pants or black denim for a chic yet contemporary style. For breathable material, choose for airy cotton or linen garments.

Pairing with bottoms

Matching men’s tank tops with appropriate bottoms achieves a well-balanced and fashionable look. Shorts are a great option to wear with tank tops because they are comfy and casual, especially in the warmer months.

If you want a more rustic attitude, use denim or chino shorts for a timeless and adaptable style.

For a contemporary and attractive silhouette, consider the shorts’ length. Aim for a length that falls slightly above the knee.

When looking more put together and sophisticated, trousers have become a terrific alternative to jeans. Choose narrow or tailored-fitting chinos in muted hues like beige, khaki, or navy to go with your tank top. Especially in the summer, roll up the cuffs of your chinos for a carefree, easygoing vibe.

Wear your tank top with swim trunks for a laid-back, practical look perfect for poolside lounging or beach days.

Choose swimsuits with eye-catching designs or vivid colors to give your ensemble more visual appeal. Seek materials that dry quickly, such as nylon or polyester, for comfort and utility.

Wear your tank top with fitted pants for a more put-together outfit. For a breathable feel, choose lightweight trousers with a slim or tapered fit made of cotton or linen.

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