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How to dress for the holiday season


We are approaching the most festive time of the year! It hasn’t escaped your notice: we’ve been bombarded with emails from different brands promoting their party outfits for at least 3 weeks so it’s time to broach the subject: how to dress for the holiday season. ‘year ? What outfits to wear for the holiday season?

Here are  tips for dressing well for the holiday season

1. Stay yourself

The end of year celebrations are the time of year when you can let go, dare without appearing overdressed.

However, there is an essential rule to respect: only wear pieces in which you are comfortable; no need to dress up.

Whether it’s celebrating Christmas with the family or spending New Year’s Eve with friends, there’s no need to wow the gallery with an outfit you won’t feel like yourself in.

Of course, the end of the year celebrations are an opportunity to bring fantasy to your outfit, but you don’t have to turn into a mirror ball!

Also think about your comfort: if you wear ballerinas all year round, forget about the 12 cm stiletto, unless you plan to spend the evening sitting.

If you have toddlers (like me) who will be over-excited about Santa’s coming and those same kids are wearing scratch shoes, don’t wear your new Wolford tights, (it’ll ruin your party, your wear- money and the pleasure of the little ones having to watch out each time they throw themselves into your arms to express their joy, true story).

In short, if your thing is pants, opt for pants; if your kiff is the miniskirt, wear a miniskirt; if you only swear by the dresses then let’s go for the dress, but please be yourself (with a little hint of whimsy on top).

2. Christmas and New Year’s Eve: same fight held?If you spend Christmas with your family, it depends on the family!

Is there a dress code in your family?

If everyone is playing it cool, if the trend is Christmas Jumper (like at Bridget Jones) , you might feel a little out of step with your lamé dress.

With us, Christmas is above all the children’s party and a good opportunity to put on good meals while having a good time with the family.

I prefer an outfit in which I am comfortable to assist Santa Claus and not to have any regrets by taking back from me a 3rd part of stuffed capon!

On the other hand, we celebrate New Year’s Eve with friends and there, glitter is a must!
We can imagine wearing stacked heels with this outfit to reinforce its retro side.

To feel comfortable, respect the waffle towels in force in your family.

If it seems too bland or restrictive, play it finely by letting go of the accessories!

3. It must shine!
Do you like it when it shines?

Sequin skirts, sequin shorts, sequin tops, sequin jackets and even sequin leggings; the end of the year celebrations are the perfect occasion to wear your pieces with sequins.

These are pieces that are generally lined and that can fill you up with a silhouette.

For this reason I do not recommend the sequined dress which really weighs down the silhouette (unless you are a twig).

To choose your sequined piece, you will therefore have to take your silhouette into account.
You can afford anything; skirt, top, or jacket with sequins (but not all 3 at the same time).

If you have an O-
shaped silhouette: be careful with the sequins that add volume. Favor sequined accessories!

How to dress for the holidays

If it is a top or a jacket, the piece will be close to your face, so it is better to take into account your color season to know if it is better to favor a warm color such as gold sequin or copper or a cool color such as silver, blue or pastel pink sequin.

If the item of clothing is a skirt or shorts (and it is therefore far from the face), anything goes, works like a charm!

Whether it’s a top, jacket, shorts or sequined skirt, choose a simple fit; the sequins are sufficient on their own.

You can opt for a straight sequinned jacket or a small sequined jacket, for a three-hole round-neck sequined top, for a sequinned sweater, for a straight sequinned mini-skirt.

For a really trendy look, you can combine your sequined pieces with basic pieces of your wardrobe: white shirt, white loose t-shirt, oversized cashmere sweater… also in neutral colors.

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