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How to take care of your skin?


It is very important to take care of your skin. Washing your face every day with a suitable cleanser is essential , but not only! A good beauty routine is not enough! To preserve the epidermis and the elasticity of the skin , there are several methods. Today, expert-beauté.fr invites you to discover all the tips for taking good care of your face.

Skin care to be performed every day

take care of your skin In order to limit the appearance of pimples and prevent the appearance of possible wrinkles, it is important to take good care of your skin on a daily basis. First of all, if you are used to make-up, it is essential to remove make-up well before washing your face . For this, it is necessary to use a makeup remover. The latter allows to cleanse the skin in depth. Thus, it effectively removes residues of foundation, powder, etc. You can then proceed to cleanse your face. For this, you need a good facial cleanser suitable for your skin. You can also use a cleansing brush to deeply cleanse the pores.

To stimulate the elasticity of the skin and make it firmer, there are serum-based treatments that limit the appearance of wrinkles . These treatments must be selected with caution, they must be perfectly suited to your skin. Their process must be repeated daily to achieve satisfactory results.

In addition, the anti-wrinkle device is another very practical remedy! By using it regularly, it generates the production of collagen and to limit the appearance of wrinkles. Finally, remember to hydrate your skin well . To achieve this, you can use different natural oils (coconut, jojoba, olive, etc.), but also lotions specially designed for the face.

Facial treatments to be performed each week

Take care of your skin every dayOnce a week, it is strongly recommended to carry out a special treatment in order to hydrate the skin and to clean it in depth at the same time. For this, you can make a scrub using a special cream . The latter is able to eliminate the dead cells present on the surface of the skin while preserving the oxygenation and the blood micro-circulation of the epidermis.

You can also use natural masks, such as cucumber, aloe vera, etc. They are rich in minerals and allow optimal hydration of the skin. Also, if you own a facial sauna , then feel free to use it in order to relax the skin and bring out the deeper impurities.
Blackhead vacuums are also a solution for anyone with acne. They are easy to use and allow impurities to be sucked out of the skin efficiently and quickly!

The perfect devices to take care of your skin

face cleansing brush beurer fc95This is a very practical device for cleaning your face effectively. The supple and generally soft bristles penetrate through the pores of the skin to free them of any residue. The Beurer FC 95 Pureo cleaning brush is certainly one of the best around. It comes with four different accessories and a fully waterproof design. To wash your face, we have rarely seen better!

anti aging device mister health to take care of his skin This type of device is ideal for preventing the onset of wrinkles, but also for allowing the skin to keep its firmness and elasticity. For this, it regenerates melanin while stimulating the blood micro circulation. HOSEON’s anti-wrinkle device is arguably one of the most complete of its generation . Thanks to its 5 different tips and its integrated settings, it provides several benefits and adapts to all types of skin. In addition, it is a completely ergonomic and easy to use device!

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