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Michael Mullins Discusses the Positive Impacts of Speaking Multiple Languages


Michael Mullins of Newark New Jersey recently discussed the positive impacts of learning more than one language.

A majority of people around the globe speak more than one language. However, Michael Mullins recently cited information from the U.S. Census Bureau stating that only 20 percent of Americans speak more than one language.

Mullins, a successful salesman who enjoys studying languages, encourages everyone to start learning another language. He recently discussed the many benefits of being bilingual, trilingual, or a polyglot.


The No. 1 reason to learn another language is to connect with others. For some, it means being able to communicate with family members from another country, which can transform the family dynamic. People who speak more than one language can communicate with more people, which means more opportunities to learn and create lifelong relationships.

Cognitive Benefits

Michael Mullins explained the numerous cognitive benefits to speaking more than one language. People who are bilingual or speak even more languages have superior listening skills, critical thinking skills, concentration, and more. Multilingual individuals experience cognitive decline and mental aging at a slower rate.

A study at York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, stated that bilingual individuals may still get dementia but with slower disease progression and an average of five years later than monolingual individuals. Cognitive recovery after brain injuries, such as stroke, is twice as likely for bilingual individuals.

Career Opportunities

Speaking more than one language opens a world of career opportunities. Many times, multilingual individuals have a serious competitive advantage against their peers. Employers look for individuals who communicate well, and speaking multiple languages shows that. Bilingual or multilingual employees can connect businesses with new foreign markets or foreign-born customers at home.

Increased Confidence

Many people feel shy when communicating in a language they’re learning. However, speaking multiple languages is linked to higher self-confidence. Learning a new language forces individuals out of their comfort zones and results in daily accomplishments, such as learning new phrases or communicating more effectively.

Superior Travel Experiences

Individuals who speak the language of the country they’re visiting tend to experience more. They’re able to speak with the locals to learn more about the culture, best-kept secrets, and more. Multilingual individuals can connect with countries and cultures on a deeper level.

Michael Mullins and His Language Studies

Mike Mullins of New Jersey is an avid reader and enjoys studying many languages. He is a successful salesman and believes strongly in the importance of learning more than one idiom for personal and career purposes.

Mullins prides himself on helping others become the best versions of themselves. He explains that one way to help someone reach their full potential is to encourage them to practice another language.

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