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Must-have gold pendant for Brides this year


Ready to be a bride? First of all, congratulations! As a small gift from us, we will be letting you in on our secret of a must-have gold pendant as a new bride. Not just a gold pendant, you will also be able to find out what are some of the must-haves in jewellery for upcoming brides. Thus, let’s find out what are some must-haves in gold pendants and jewellery that you need to have as a bride.

From rings to necklaces, a bride is not complete without jewellery. Especially an Indian bride, you will not find a single Indian bride who hasn’t worn at least a piece of gold jewellery in their lifetime.

If you are on the lookout for new wedding jewellery for your wedding, then you have come to the right place.

An Indian wedding is incomplete without gold jewellery. It is impossible to plan a wedding in India without having gold jewellery as a big part of it. Since necklaces and pendants are the most popular types of gold jewellery, let’s find out more about them. Make sure you read the whole piece to find out some new and trendy pendant designs and necklaces that every person should at least check out.

Most popular pendant designs:

Pendants are one of the most meaningful gifts you can give your loved ones on their special day. If your best friend is getting married, then you won’t want to give them something that others can too. Thus, opting for a gold pendant for your best friend who is becoming a bride is the best thing you can do. Read on to find out what are the most popular gold pendant designs:

  • Heart-shaped pendant
  • Infinity shaped pendant
  • Zodiac pendant
  • White rhodium pendant
  • Tahitian pearl pendant
  • Emerald gold pendant
  • Pearl silver pendant
  • Religious pendant
  • Solitaire pendant
  • White gold pendant
  • Pearl pendant

These are just a few popular pendant designs available.

Must have gold jewellery as a bride

Necklace set: One of the most unavoidable jewellery for any Indian bride is a necklace set that includes earrings as well as a mang tika. An exquisitely crafted traditional necklace will work wonders on your appearance. At the same time, the earrings will enhance the charm of the already gorgeous ensemble. Finding a mang tikka that dazzles up your look will be an added bonus. They are supposed to match, so you won’t have to worry about finding similar looking pieces of jewellery. Depending on your attire, you can opt for a necklace set. Make sure you do your research before you choose the perfect necklace set for you.

Bangles: You won’t need any sort of reminder to include bangles in your list of jewellery shopping. Indian brides are very well known for their ethnic bangles. A traditional bride is a vision for all in these dazzling and well-crafted jewellery adorning her already gorgeous mehndi-rich arms. Be it the chooda/Polki bangles from the north or a traditional Punjabi Kaleere bangles; you get a lot of options to choose from.

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