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How Does Sterling Silver Compare to Pure Silver?


When shopping for your jewelry, you need to compare different varieties available in the market, especially if you don’t have a specific type in mind.

However, some jewelry is difficult to choose because of their similar features. This is the case when buying sterling silver or pure silver jewelry.

But how does sterling silver differ from pure silver? Pure silver has a higher percentage of silver content than sterling silver. But sterling silver is more durable and stronger than pure silver.

This article will make an in-depth comparison between sterling silver and pure silver.

What Is Sterling Silver?

Sterling silver contains other metals like copper, nickel or zinc that make it stronger. It consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper or other metals. The chemical makeup of sterling silver allows it to be used to produce several things as it’s stronger and more durable.

What Sterling Silver Is Used For

Sterling silver can be used to manufacture jewelry, plates, coffee sets, or silverware. It’s also a popular choice for manufacturing silver plated items and platters.

What Is Pure Silver

Pure silver is 99.9% actual silver, making it a soft metal to make jewelry. Its soft nature makes it ideal for making fine jewelry that requires utmost care.

Fine silver bends or gets damaged easily and can be durable if mixed with other metals like copper.  However, it also tarnishes when it mixes with gasses making it discolor or fade.

What Sets Sterling Silver Apart from Pure Silver?

The main difference between the two metals lies in how tarnish-able they are. Sterling silver tarnishes more easily than pure silver. This is because the other metals like copper or zinc that are added to it are highly tarnishable.

Pure silver tarnishes only if gets to reacts with gasses in the air. When it degrades, it changes color and can fade or have a dirty layer on top of the item.

Another difference is on the stamp. Sterling silver is stamped to show it’s real sterling silver. The stamp marks are 925, 92.5, or .925, which shows the percentage of silver on the item. Some items also have ‘SS’ to indicate they’re pure sterling silver. Pure silver has stamp marks like 999, 99.9, or .999 showing the silver content percentage.

Why Sterling Silver Is a More Popular Choice Than Pure Silver?

 The added metal alloys on sterling silver make it stronger than pure silver.

It means that if you purchase a sterling silver product, it will last longer. Also, the cost of sterling silver makes it a preferred choice.

Who to Trust for Your Sterling Silver or Pure Silver Products?

If you want genuine sterling silver or fine silver products, look for a Quebec jewelry designer (joaillier Québécois) . You will get your desired jewelry here any day without regrets. You can also request customized silver products and get all your best silver items when needed.

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