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How to Use Amazon Sellers Rank to Estimate Sales


Application of the value in predicting how a product sells often in Amazon is by far the most effective feature of Amazon sellers rank. This is far better than just bragging without result.

Come to think of this: assuming there is a product that has an Amazon Seller Rank of $1699. From our sales checking, we know for sure that a best seller rank of $1699 can be converted to approximately 810 sales monthly inasmuch that our best sellers rank is same approximately constant. Just 30 days ago, our product average sellers rank was around $3000 for almost a month and we only had 510 sales in the same month.

Meanwhile, in the last fall, our best sellers rank was just $500 on averagely a month with 1980 sales in same month. By taking advantage of best seller rank could be the fastest way of estimating a product sales but, this does not implies that it is going to make your product the best seller rank on monthly basis. When you are looking for a product on search, it is very paramount to search for the old sales data whenever you want to take decision on the type of product to sell.

Available Tools To Calculate Sales from Amazon Sellers Rank

Assuming we want to go through our SERP for search of a product this time, rather than just taking our precious time in checking out the product page one after the other and keep guessing about the total sales estimate for every products, why not take advantage of Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout

This will direct you to a big spreadsheet that displays the following details:

  • Monthly sales on average and amount generated for every product on the page
  • Average Amazon Sellers Rank
  • Amazon fee estimates
  • Average sales and reviews and many more features.


This is a browser extension in Jungle Scout that fed data from the  AccuSales of Jungle Scout Amazon data engine. The major function of this is to take information on every search engine result pages of Amazon, arrange it, get the average and provides the searcher the information that will enhance you in maximizing the best purchase decision of the product.

Free Sales Estimator

For those that want to wet their feet first, free sales estimator tool must be put into consideration at foremost. Even though, it does not carry out sales estimation for the whole category just like Extension, yet it makes sales estimation simple for those that take advantage of the old-fashioned means as their preference.

Additionally, for those that are interested in the Amazon products and sell few products in the first place, this could be their sure bet to explore.

All-in-One Platform

If you are categorized into the group of those that are not selling, that is exactly where All-in-One Jungle Scout comes in. This platform helps in selling on the Amazon marketplace. Rather than just searching for a particular product to sell on the marketplace with the aid of Amazon sellers rank in addition to random searches, why not use the kind of Amazon best sellers rank of your target and reverse the structure of the use of a high sales niche of the product.

To crown it all, Jungle Scout has tools that can enhance in tracking the daily sales of the competitor products, search for the lucrative keywords and arrange product catalogue of Amazon in any way that is suitable.

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