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How Long Does Cologne Last Anyway? And 10 of the Best Endurance Colognes


There are some days when you don’t feel at your best, and today is one of those days for Sam. It’s Tina’s birthday today.

(PS: Tina is her childhood crush;)

She sent him an invite for her party, and he instantly panicked. He was thinking of a way out—refusing to go to the party because he wasn’t confident.

He murmured, “Oh, no!” I’m doomed. What would she think about me… “I  can’t do this…”

This was his first thought, so he talked to his friend Manish about it and got an idea from him. Guess what Manish did? He advised him to wear cologne.

Yes, that’s it!

To boost his confidence, he told him the importance of wearing cologne. He mentioned some points below that are absolutely true, and we believe in them too.

  1. Wearing a fragrance elevates social status and makes a man more attractive.
  2. It builds up confidence.
  3. A rich fragrance connects people on an emotional level.
  4. Increases trust
  5. Makes somebody’s persona unforgettable.

The secret is that how and where you apply your perfume makes all the difference. You should apply cologne on pulse points such as the neck, knees, wrist, and elbow to increase its longevity.

We sometimes doubt if we will ever find a long-lasting perfume for men online. So, we are here to provide you with a list of long-lasting perfumes for men online to make you ready for any party your crush invites you to.

1. Engage L’amante Aqua De Parfum 100 ml

The freshness of basil and petitgrain adds that sheer comfort of groundedness that keeps you alive and rejuvenated all day. The sage-like aroma of the middle notes will leave you pure and untouched by any sin. This is the perfect friend for your all-day parties.

Price: Rs. 849 

Top note: fresh petitgrain and basil

Middle note: green lavender and clary sage

Base: earthy balsam fir and patchouli 

2. French Essence Intense Eau De Parfum 60 ml

You can never go wrong with this masterpiece. This is a perfect combination of citrusy feel with a tinch of oakmoss. It is the one of the best long lasting perfume for men available online. This is the perfect partner for any special occasion that may come your way. Take it to the office or to a fun social gathering; this will keep you shining and smelling good in every way.

Price: Rs. 359 

Top note: saffron, lemon and bergamot

Middle note: leather, oakmoss and coriander

Base: sandalwood, cedarwood and amber

3. Fogg Impressio Scent for Men 100 ml

Man’s best friend is his scent. If you know how to carry a cologne for long, you can handle any situation perfectly. This scent makes you an all-rounder, and make sure to keep those heads turned anyway.

Price: Rs. 357

Top note: ginger and bitter orange

Middle note: rose and jasmine

Base: honey-amber accord and sandalwood 

4. Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Eau De Parfum 50 ml

As the name sounds, wild! With the qualities of lavender as the top note, living room then for coriander, and reaching to the classic base note of balsam. This fragrance is a delight to have.

Price: Rs. 299

Top note:Lavender, Rosemary, Basil

Middle note: Cinnamon , Coriander, Juniper Berry

Base: Balsam, Patchouli, Vetiver, Oakmoss 

5. Axe Signature Gold Perfume 80 ml

We will fall short of words for this classic beauty. Dark vanilla and royal oud wood notes make it a perfect combination of class and confidence. You can not leave this behind while leaving for that special date of yours.

Price: Rs. 475

Top note: dark vanilla

Middle note: tart mandarin

Base: Royal Oud Wood 

6. French Essence Grace Eau De Parfum 60 ml

For the most macho men in town, this perfume will leave no stone unturned to attract the love of your life. With the top notes of bergamot and a base of musk, this is an everlasting fragrance that you and even your neighbours will remember for a long time. Once applied, you’ll keep it much safer with you than your better half; it’s a promise. 

Price: Rs. 359

Top note: citrus bergamot

Middle note: blackcurrant and fresh rose

Base: cedarwood and musk 

7. Set Wet Studio X Perfume 49 ml

A scent so perfect that you can wear it with every outfit and on every occasion This is a combination of citrus and cedarwood with an oomph of spice that will surely get you noticed. Try it today or regret it later. 

Price: Rs. 398

Top note: citrus fragrance

Middle note: spicy

Base: cedarwood and musk 

8. The Man Company’s Body Perfume 120 ml

Men’s fragrance defines his true personality. If he smells bad, he’ll definitely not stand a chance to win your attention. With a combination of tangy lemon and the freshness of lavender, this is your way to her heart. Don’t you believe in us? Try it yourself.

Price: Rs. 295

Top note: lemon

Middle note: lavender

Base: musk 

9. Denver Natural Hamilton Blue 100 ml

When things take a bad turn, only a great-smelling perfume can save lives. People remember you by the type of scent you wear. So, if you want to be remembered for long and for good, wear Denver’s Natural Hamilton Blue perfume for your long night parties and get that attention you want. With the notes of lavender and sandal, this can be a charming experience for your loved ones. 

Price: Rs. 385

Top note: bergamot, lavender and verbena

Middle note: oakmoss, geranium and apple

Base: sandal and tonka 

10. Park Avenue Eau De Parfum 50 ml

A fragrance so strong that it has the capability to make you your own crush. It has a base of musk, which soothes the mind, and the amber chills make sure to give an unforgettable experience. You can’t go wrong with its floral and fruity magic. An experience so magnificent is hard to forget.

Price: Rs. 314

Top note: floral and fruity

Middle note: amber

Base: musk

The lasting experience of cologne or of the luxury perfumes sell online in India depends on the type and usage. You should also keep the following points in mind after applying it:

  1. Do not dab or rub it on your skin after application.
  2. Keep your skin moisturised to make your fragrance last longer.
  3. Store it in a cool and dry place.
  4. Avoid the urge to spray the perfume in the air and then walk around in it like a hero. Your fragrance will definitely turn to zero!

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