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Combs and Hair Brushes: Crucial Items for Hair Care


We love combing or brushing our hair. We know that it is an integral part of hair care. We all love our hair and take special care of it. 

Brushing hair is not only great for your hair and scalp, but it is also therapeutic. If you have a good brush, it serves as an everyday substitute for a head massage. If you don’t do this already, try incorporating hair brushing into your nighttime routine. 

After finishing your skincare, let down your hair, sit comfortably, and run your cushioned brush across your scalp. Include gentle taps with your brush in between the brushing too. You are essentially giving yourself a scalp massage and encouraging blood flow to your scalp. It is a great last step to your nighttime routine and prepares you for sound sleep. 

Today we will discuss essential hair care products for this therapeutic routine: combs and hair brushes. 

Benefits of Hair Brushing and Comb

  • Brushing hair will distribute the oil from the scalp along the length of the hair. 
  • It helps to untangle your hair. And it also helps to remove dust, pollution, and dirt. 
  • Combing promotes blood circulation in the scalp and adds shine to your hair. 
  • They nourish hair roots and increase growth.
  • If you comb hair daily, then it also helps to reduce hair loss and make it more bouncy. 

Do’s and Don’ts for Hair Brushing

  • We all have different hair types, so you must choose the best brush for your hair type. 
  • If you have a lot of tangles in your hair, start with a detangling brush.
  • Always brush from the bottom of your hair, then work your way up gently to the scalp.
  • Never tug your hair because tugging is damaging and results in breakage. Always move slowly from the bottom and work your way up until all the nits and tangles are gone. 
  • You can always buff up with a natural brush made from natural bristles. 

Best Hair Brush and Comb for Your Hair 

Choosing a good quality hair brush and comb is essential to hair care. Unfortunately, sometimes people buy products without proper knowledge. We have shortlisted some of the best hair brushes and combs for you. Pick the one best suited to your hair type and concern to reap the most benefits from brushing.

Roots Professional Hair Brush PEC58

Roots professional hair brush is suitable for wavy and curly hairstyles. This hair brush comes with heat-resistant nylon bristles and an aerated ceramic-coated barrel, which distributes hot air evenly to silky, shiny, and frizzy hair. In addition, the rubber covering on the handle provides a better grip for easy styling. This is an ideal hair brush for men and women. 

Babila Round Hair Brush With Cleaning Comb HB-V133

Babila round hair brush is for small to medium neat hair. It curls hair at the ends. You should use this brush with hair dryers. This brush gently grooms your hair while the bristles stimulate circulation in the scalp. You can add curls to your hair if you have straight hair. It is easy to use for styling and travel-friendly as well. 

Bare Essential Wooden Hair Brush- HC 04 

You can use Bare Essential wooden hair brush for dry and medium-wet hair. It works best on conditioned hair. With rounded wooden bristles, this hair brush is soft on the scalp. It detangles curly hair and messages the scalp to improve blood circulation. It is one of the best hair brushes for women. Plus, they are highly durable. 

Roots Wooden Hair Comb WD 90

Route wooden hair comb WD 90 is a comb that relaxes the scalp. It is durable and lightweight. It’s gentle on hair and keeps the freeze and damage at bay. This hair comb has natural fibres that help in conditioning hair. The teeth of the comb are at an ideal distance from each other, which ensures no pulling or tugging of hair while detangling them. It is the best hair comb for men and women. 

Pro tip: Always comb hair gently and untangle the knots. 

Health & Glow Hair Brush Styling Round 2012 

This is a roller hair brush with soft bristles and rounded tips on all sides. Its flexible bristles are perfect if you are looking for that therapeutic experience. You can use it for all types of hair. It is easier to get hair volume with this type of brush. They massage the scalp and distribute the natural oils from your scalp to the lengths of your hair. It adds curls to your hair and provides a healthy shine to your mane. 

Roots Wooden Hair Comb WD 20

Roots wooden hair comb is a wide-tooth comb. This comb helps prevent breakage. You should use this brush when your hair has split ends and dryness. It removes tangles and smooths wet or dry hair gently and effectively. Also, this is an ideal hair comb for women. You can clean this hair comb very easily. Plus, you can make any hairstyle from a middle to a zigzag one. So don’t wait any further and get a hair brush or comb from Health & Glow according to your hair type!

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