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Boots and Sock and Sun and Subscription and all the sassy elements!


There she walks around with grace, wearing those tawny suedes over her legs, a statement of its kind. Eyes from around see nothing but her feet; beats of hearts around rhymes her ticks and her tocks. She is in her zone and the day is whistling sweet for her till, but then she hears something strange. A surprised voice halts her to stop, “Is she really not wearing socks under these sexy boots?” Well, we don’t say it is necessary, but it adds a hue of novelty in the noise around. Boots are something that make you stand out in the crowd. But what if we tell you that there are ways you can still bolden up your statement still? Take a Sock Subscription, Philosockphy USA says, but read out this guide before.

How to wear socks and boots together?

When the words about it first infused the air, people thought that it would fade out soon. It won’t stand. But here we are, and we only see this trend growing further. Boots along with socks. However, it does easily backfire if not done well. Thus, we guide you through this latest talk over ticks and tocks of boots.

The factors that impact the boot-sock scenario.

When it comes to adding socks below the boots, few factors act as variables. A consideration of them while choosing what to wear works well.

  • The weather and the climate.
  • Boot types.
  • Sock types, patterns, sock subscription.
  • Sock material.
  • The occasion.

Apart from it, things go subjective and one can always decide what fits best for oneself. There is always a space for breaking the rules; this is what makes space for new trends. Go for a sock of the month club and you might get specially selected socks every month.

The Weather Factor.

If you live in a sub-tropical or hot climate zone, then it is best to avoid knee-length boots. You won’t be able to stand them for long because your feet need to breathe. Feet contain the highest number of sweat glands in our body. These sweat glands help regulate the body temperature. If you wear boots having a high length and hard unbreathable material, you are sure going to go for some brutal ride. Choose ankle-level boots.

When it comes to winter, the choices open up and you get to experiment with lots of varieties.

The boot types.

The length of boots spills an impact on what socks you choose. If you are choosing ankle-length boots, or a little over-ankle like Combat, Cowboys, or Platform, the choice is to go with peek-a-boo sock length. Ankle socks fit best in this scenario.

Try amplifying the statement you want to convey. If the motive is to speak bold, try suedes and comparatively rough colors like tawny, caramel, Juniper, Seaweed, etc. Choose socks that are not too pop and full of patterns. Go for a repetitive pattern. You might even go for a plain sock type.

If you want to look cool, try boots that are not tough and have a flexible look in them. You can try colorful patterns under them. A Sock Subscription, Philosockphy USA suggests, gives one flexibility and many choices to experiment with.

Sock type and pattern.

The fabric is very important. If you choose the wrong fabric with the wrong boot type, foul things could creep in your feelings and emotions. Boots are comparatively tough and thus they require you to have a good sock fabric. Go for a sock type that is thick (only when it is winter), breathable, and has antimicrobial properties. Do not go for 100% cotton because they lose shape in the long term. Around 80% combed cotton works best.

Use crew-length socks that act as peek-a-boo on calf-length or knee-length boots. If you wear a lot of socks, which is good if you go out, then go for a subscription. A sock subscription (Philosockphy USA) comes light on your pocket and saves you smelly feet too. You might even look for a Sock of the Month Club for the sake of surprise

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